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+ Heidentor - Carnuntum

A Brief History of Austrian Wines

Image featured above: The Heidentor, in English known as Heathens’ Gate or Pagans’ Gate, is the partially reconstructed ruin of a triumphal arch of the Roman Empire, located in what was the fort-city of Carnuntum, in present-day Austria. Only one of its four arches remains. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes PRE-ROMAN AND ROMAN ERAS While the Romans were responsible for spreading the grapevine to … Read More A Brief History of Austrian Wines

Apulia: A Brief History and Introduction to the Wines

Please enjoy this educational video about Italy’s Apulia region on my YouTube Channel. Playing time: 16 minutes Where to buy fine Italian wines in Peru?info@abever.pe+51 987 616 034 Home | About | Contact | Consulting | Events | Education | Enotours | Recipes| Blog


Kind thanks to the management of the VDP for allowing me to post this brief history of the association, which I’ve translated from German. You can view the original document in German here. Estimated reading time: 22 minutes The History of the VDP Federal Association 1910: Founding of the VDNV On 26 November 1910, four regional associations of well-known “natural wine auctioneers” merge to … Read More


Germany’s Wine Producing Regions

Germany’s Wine Producing Regions When you think about Germany, what do you think its climate is like? Cold? Winters with temperatures below zero? Blizzards? You might be surprised to know that Germany’s climate is not so severe. According to the Köppen climate classification, most of Germany enjoys an oceanic climate due to the great influence of the Atlantic Ocean. Many people believe Germany’s climate … Read More Germany’s Wine Producing Regions


A brief history of German wines Part 2

A brief history of German wines:Part 2 The recovery of German viticulture after the Thirty Years’ War would take several decades. Some regions would not recover until the second decade of the eighteenth century, more than sixty years. Many grape growers, economically desperate, would eventually emigrate to America. But there were some efforts to increase the quality of German wine. Among those, in 1786 … Read More A brief history of German wines Part 2


A brief history of German wines Part 1

Archaeological discoveries, like a pruning knife from the first century A.D., signal the presence of viticulture, but the first concrete evidence is the poem Mosella…