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The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 1

Image featured above: The beautiful rolling hills of the Steiermark (Styria). Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Simply because Austria is a German-speaking country, don’t be fooled into thinking the grape varieties are the same! Indeed, both countries do share some of the same varieties, but the climate, the soils, and tradition have influenced the preference of varieties in each country. Let’s take a moment … Read More The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 1

+ Heidentor - Carnuntum

A Brief History of Austrian Wines

Image featured above: The Heidentor, in English known as Heathens’ Gate or Pagans’ Gate, is the partially reconstructed ruin of a triumphal arch of the Roman Empire, located in what was the fort-city of Carnuntum, in present-day Austria. Only one of its four arches remains. Estimated reading time: 8 minutes PRE-ROMAN AND ROMAN ERAS While the Romans were responsible for spreading the grapevine to … Read More A Brief History of Austrian Wines