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The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 2

Image featured above: “Grüner Veltliner – An Anthology of Great Wines” tasting at Vienna’s beautiful Palais Niederösterreich 02 June 2015. Si prefieres leer este artículo en español, haz clic aquí. Estimated reading time: 10 minutes In part one of this series, we learned about the most important grape varieties of Austria. In this second installment we’ll explore some of the more esoteric varieties. Let’s dive … Read More The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 2


The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 1

Image featured above: The beautiful rolling hills of the Steiermark (Styria). Estimated reading time: 9 minutes Simply because Austria is a German-speaking country, don’t be fooled into thinking the grape varieties are the same! Indeed, both countries do share some of the same varieties, but the climate, the soils, and tradition have influenced the preference of varieties in each country. Let’s take a moment … Read More The Grape Varieties of Austria, Part 1


The Grape Varieties of Germany, Part 2

In the fourth segment of this series about the wines of Germany we learned about the principal grape varieties and three rare and nearly extinct varieties. In this entry we cover six varieties, four white varieties and two red, chosen not necessarily for their importance in terms of hectares/acres planted, rather for their historic importance or their potential to produce high-quality wines. SAVAGNIN Like … Read More The Grape Varieties of Germany, Part 2


The Grape Varieties of Germany

We’ve learned something about Germany’s history and wine producing regions in which I mentioned some of the country’s principal grape varieties. Now let’s explore the grape varieties in more detail. Today, Germany has more than 130 grape varieties. Many are indigenous, some have been imported, and some have been created by crossing grape varieties. Not all are commercially important, and currently only 31 are … Read More The Grape Varieties of Germany